Onen Hag Oll – One And All, Kernow, Cornish Flag

Onen Hag Oll – One And All, Kernow, Cornish Flag


Our Flag “Onen hag Oll” is the motto associated with the coat of arms of the Duke of Cornwall. It is a Cornish phrase that translates to “One and All” in English. The motto represents unity and inclusiveness, reflecting the spirit of the Cornish people.

As for the coat of arms itself, the official coat of arms of the Duke of Cornwall features a shield divided into fifteen golden bezants arranged in the shape of a triangle. Each bezant represents a coin and signifies the historic association of the Duke of Cornwall as the Duke of the Duchy of Cornwall, which is a unique royal title and estate in England.

This Flag comes with 2 brass fixings which are on a reinforced hanging strip which you can attach to your pole, we suggest ball bungees, which are available separately.


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  • 5ft x 3ft
  • 100D polyester
  • 2 brass eyelets for fixing
  • Stitched hem
  • Reinforced hanging side
  • Digitally printed on one side with bleed through reverse

(Please note image is for demonstration mockup and website purposes, colour might be different on the flag)


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