LED flag pole lights

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LED Flag Pole Lights 12v & USB Versions

Now more lights added!

Looking to illuminate your flag pole at night? Discover our versatile flag pole light kits at Impact Flags! Designed with powerful LEDs, our lights bring your flag to life after dark, ensuring it remains visible at all times.

These flag pole light kits feature a convenient 5m length, simplifying installation for a seamless lighting display. Choose between USB and 12V options to suit your preferred power source.

What sets our flag pole light kits apart? They’re waterproof, guaranteeing durability in any weather condition, so your flag remains illuminated even during rain showers.

Don’t hesitate – brighten up your flag display today with our LED flag pole lights. Explore our Illumin8 Chameleon, Gecko, or 48ft app controlled Fiesta Festoons, or try something unique like our new Glo Bugs which are 10m in length. Order now and transform your flag pole into a beacon of light!

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