Flag Pole LED Lights 12v powered – Chameleon

Flag Pole LED Lights 12v powered – Chameleon


Chameleon LED Flag Pole Lights are an ideal way to add a touch of magic and illumination to your flag display. These 5m waterproof lengths are designed to be mounted along the flag pole, providing a stunning array of colors and patterns that will make your flag pole stand out and catch everyone’s eye. Here’s everything you need to know about Chameleon LED Flag Pole Lights and why they’re the perfect addition to any flag display.

Chameleon are a 12v LED Flag Pole Lights strip that give you a wide range of colours and patterns that will enhance the beauty of your flag display. You can choose from a variety of lighting modes, including static, flashing, and color-changing options, to create the perfect ambience for your setting. Whether you want to find your way back to your van or add a touch of festivity to your camping pitch, Chameleon LED Flag Pole Lights offer endless possibilities.

Lastly, our flag pole lights are easy to install and use. Just by attaching the 5m waterproof strip with soft tape or velcro straps along the length of the pole, and the lights can be controlled using a remote to choose the pattern you like, or run randomly through all 366 effects. You can easily switch between lighting modes, speed all by the touch of a button, this makes chameleon Flag pole Lights a convenient and hassle-free way to add some magic to your flag display.

Chameleon is the largest of our 12v LED flag pole products for you here at IMPACT FLAGS. This 12v 5m waterproof (IP67) kit has amazing light effects, which also comes with a remote control, this kit boasts 366 light effects, we are sure you will find your favourite by working through the remote – or just press the auto and amaze everyone around you as the LED flag pole works its way through the effects

As a special offer, if you purchase our Chameleon kit, we will supply you with a 3m cigarette plug lead worth £10 FREE, allowing you to plug the kit straight into your cigarette lighter. We recommend you use velcro strips or insulation tape to attach the strip to your pole, cable ties can damage the circuit.

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LED Flag Pole Chameleon:

  • Remote Controlled
  • 12v
  • Waterproof silicone coated
  • Very bright
  • 366 effects


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