USB Flag Pole LED Lights | Gecko

USB Flag Pole LED Lights | Gecko


Don’t have a 12v battery to hand? No cigarette lighter? Feel left out? Our NEW LED flag pole light product is just what you need!

We are proud to now stock a USB Flag Pole lights kit which is a 5m LEDs called Gecko. Running alongside our flag pole lights Chameleon kit we are launching this new set which powers off a USB socket, so you can use a rechargeable power pack or plug directly into a USB socket. This 5m waterproof (IP67) kit has the same amazing light effects of its big brother,  and also comes with a remote control, this kit boasts 366 light effects, we are sure you will find your favourite by working through the remote – or just press the auto and amaze everyone around you as the LED flag pole works its way through the effects

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot power our Gecko USB Flag Pole Lights by 12v, you will damage them, this flag pole lights are for USB ONLY

As a special offer, if you purchase our Gecko kit, we will supply you with a 3m lead worth £10 FREE, allowing you to plug the kit straight in. We recommend you use velcro strips or insulation tape to attach the strip to your pole, cable ties can damage the circuit.

Too many effects with this flag pole light kit? Then why not take a look at our other 12v flag pole light kit Illumin8 or why not look at Gecko’s 12v flag pole lights brother Chameleon


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LED Flag Pole Lights Gecko:

USB Flag Pole LED 5m Lights with 366 effects called – Gecko

  • Remote Controlled
  • 5v USB
  • Waterproof silicone coated
  • Very bright
  • 366 effects

Same effects as it’s big brother Chameleon


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