USB Flag Pole LED Lights | Gecko

USB Flag Pole LED Lights | Gecko


USB Flag Pole Lights – Illuminate Your Flag Pole with Brilliance!

Add a spectacular touch to your flag display with our USB Flag Pole Lights, a favorite among flag enthusiasts and event organizers. Engineered for both ease of use and durability, these lights provide a captivating light show, perfect for any setting.

Product Highlights:

  • Convenient IR Remote Control: Easily switch between modes and adjust brightness with the included infrared remote.
  • USB Powered (5V): Plug into any 5V USB socket for a seamless power source. Ideal for use with power banks or vehicle USB ports.
  • Weatherproof Design (IP67): These lights are housed in a resilient silicon tube, sealed at both ends, ensuring they can withstand the elements, rain or shine.
  • Versatile Lighting Modes: Choose from 366 different functions to create stunning visual effects that suit your mood or event.
  • Bright and Energy-Efficient: Enjoy vivid, high-brightness illumination with low power consumption, making them both eye-catching and eco-friendly.
  • 3M DC Lead Included: The long lead allows the receiver to be safely positioned inside your vehicle, protecting it from outdoor conditions.

Easy Installation: For the best results, secure the lights to your pole using velcro cable ties or insulation tape. Avoid using plastic cable ties, as they can damage the LED strip in high winds.

Power Compatibility: These lights are designed for 5V USB power sources only. Please do not attempt to use them with 12V power adapters, such as a car’s cigarette lighter, as this can cause malfunction.

Why Choose Our USB Flag Pole Lights? Perfect for personal displays or public events, these lights will make your flags shine and create a memorable light show that will leave a lasting impression. Their high functionality, combined with robust construction, makes them a must-have for any flag enthusiast, and at least you know where you are parked at night!!

Transform Your Flag Display Today! Illuminate your flags with our  Gecko USB Flag Pole Lights and let them dazzle the crowd. BUY NOW and see how these lights can make your flag pole to new heights!

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LED Flag Pole Lights Gecko:

USB Flag Pole LED 5m Lights with 366 effects called – Gecko

  • Remote Controlled
  • 5v USB
  • Waterproof silicone coated
  • Very bright
  • 366 effects

Same effects as it’s big brother Chameleon


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